Counting Down

After installing a front rack on Appa¬†(still not happy with how it’s affixed after a couple of attempts), and purchasing new panniers for Momo, I was ready to do a test pack. It doesn’t look like a lot of clothes for over 200 days. Actually, I was pretty pleased with the space I still had remaining after pulling together clothes, cables, devices, tools, spare tubes, etc. I think I’ll be able to bring more undies than I’d planned, which is comforting.Evo Front Rack freshly installed on AppaSteve's clothes for test pack.

Rain gear is a concern. We ordered waterproof socks, as we’ve heard mixed reviews about shoe covers. I’m not sure what we’re going to do about pannier covers. I’m mostly relying on heavy-duty, giant freezer bags. I’m also hoping the Kitty Bins prove to be fairly water-tight. We didn’t get any rain on the summer trip, so we’ll find out when we get there.

Obviously we’re going to be missing things. I’m not worried about it; we’re not going anywhere particularly remote, especially for the first month. There are bike shops and hardware stores in Germany.

22 days to go.