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Day 56: June 13th, Jelling to Billund, Denmark

A carpenter from Billund founded Lego in 1934, and the company headquarters are still here. We rode past several Lego office buildings, including one intriguingly named, Lego Innovation House.

Back in Sweden we booked a patch of grass for two nights in the Legoland Holiday Village. With all the rain we’ve had since our return to Denmark, we were very fortunate to get a cool, but dry day and night.

The campground is pretty nice. It’s more expensive than your average Danish campground, but the wifi coverage is great, it’s clean, and there are cool Lego models all over the place. For kids it would be amazing, because the playground equipment is really great.

I wish people wouldn’t feed birds in the tenting area. Stop feeding ducks bread, first off. And secondly, they crap where you sleep, genius.

Distance: 25 km

$82 plus bike tires and tubes

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