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Day 133: Gloucester to Bristol England, Wednesday August 30th

Tony provides breakfast: cereal, toast, and a delicious cheese omelette, all washed down with real coffee. It really helped us get started on a day that looked to be pretty dark and rainy.

We rode all day on NCN 41 and 4. The rain was really just a light mist, and we got a little show when we reached the canal. A couple of small boats were going by and a guy was operating the swing bridge. We didn’t mind the wait. We chatted with the guy about how the canal system works and it was interesting to see how he hand cranked the old mechanism to swing the bridge back into place.

The route along the canal was a bit rough, but pretty. After that it was mostly quiet roads. The rain stopped and we took our lunch break in a town called Hill, which didn’t really have one.

A road closure forced us to take a busier road a little out of our way, but we ended up getting a very good view of the Severn Bridge and the Welsh coast.

When we got to Bristol we hit big hills. We had to push our bikes a couple of times, and there was very little time spent on level ground until we got on the Bristol/Bath cycleway which follows an old rail bed.

Our Airbnb was in Easton. Our host Jasmine was very nice and we settled in quickly. She gave us some Bristol tips, including where to shop for food.

On our shop we discovered Easton’s main street, which is a little like Queen St of old. The grocery store had a lot of Indian stuff, and we ended up having some boil-in-the-bag curries and rice.

Elderberries grow along the roadsides here. Couldn’t resist picking some.



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