Beer by the Fire

Day 47: June 4th, Oslo Norway to Gothenburg, Sweden

We had all day in Oslo, as our bus back to Gothenburg left at 10 pm. Sadly, it was raining when we got up, and it showed no sign of letting up. It was also Sunday, so most stores were closed, leaving fewer places to hide when it really started coming down.

We decided to walk the Akerselva river and check out a couple of small, free museums. The river is amazing, with numerous small, beautiful waterfalls. It winds through interesting neighbourhoods. There were cafes with great views, parks, and old factories converted into homes, schools, etc.

We checked out a “Museum of Labour”, which had displays about factory girls, and paintings of the river through the years. I think we woke the poor girl who was working that day.

We explored some more, then went for coffee at one of the cafe’s on the river. Finally, we went to a fantastic brewpub, located in an old cellar. They had a wood fire burning, and some seriously good craft beer. Later they had a “Tap Takeover” and we had beer from Spain. We even talked to one of the brewers, a guy from California who relocated to the Basque region. This seems to be a common theme in craft brewing over here: American or English brewers setting up shop all over Europe.

There was still light for the first hour of the bus ride back to Sweden. At the border a sniffer dog got on the bus and thoroughly checked us all out.

In Gothenburg, it was too late to take a local bus back to the cat house, so we took a cab, then tried not to wake everyone else staying there.

Distance: 0 (riding, long bus ride)


A Fast Bus to Oslo

Day 46: June 3rd, Gothenburg, Sweden to Oslo Norway

The decision was made: we were not riding to Oslo, but we were going to see a little of Norway. We would’ve loved to have taken a train to Oslo, but the bus was not only significantly cheaper, it was faster too.

Our hosts in Göteborg were happy to let us leave most of our stuff behind, as we were coming back after one night in Norway. Unfortunately, they booked our room for the one night we didn’t need it, so we lugged our stuff from the third to the ground floor and piled it up in a corner.

The bus ride featured some good views. The area around the Swedish/Norwegian border there is spectacular.

We reached Oslo around lunchtime, and, as our Airbnb was a short walk from the station, we went to drop off our overnight bags. But at the store where we were supposed to pick up our keys there was only an envelope for “Frederick”. Were the previous tenants confused by Deb’s Airbnb profile name “Dak Pig”, or did they simply forget to drop the keys off as instructed? We went back and forth with our very apologetic host. She contacted a friend with a spare set who walked over and handed them off. It was a bit of a wait, but the place was nice.

By pure chance, we’d arrived during Musikkfest. At almost every turn there was live music: rap on bar’s outdoor stage, reggae in one park, rock in another, techno, pop, etc. Hundreds of artists and almost forty stages. All free. We stopped and listened at a few.

We toured the big sites then stopped for craft beer at the Crow Bar. For 40cl (less than a big can) we paid about $13 Canadian. Pretty much the same as I pay at a Raptors game.

Distance: 0 (bus)